In-World Groups

sSecond Life has a number of active groups who collaborate inside the metaverse and who keep in touch using the group system tools. To join a group, click the “Find” button and search under “Groups” for “Education”
Real Life Education in Second Life — find colleagues and collaborators to help you with your education work in Second Life. Anyone may join; contact group owner Pathfinder Linden inworld if you have any questions.

Second Life Grad Student Colony — for support in research, dissertation writing and promoting collaboration among researchers/student researchers, Limited to students pursuing advanced degrees. Contact group owner naiad – bbovard at

Second Life Research — To help ensure ethical treatment of subjects and to promote collaboration. Limited to academics pursuing IRB-authorized research projects covered under SL’s Terms of Service and research ethics policy

K-12 Educators — A group created specifically for K-12 educators and interested others, focusing on collaboration and communication of events in Second Life that are useful to support teaching and learning. Membership is open. Contact group owner Kathy Dryburgh (SL)/Kathy Schrock (RL) for more information.

Community Colleges in Second Life–A group for Community College educators focused on support, research and discussion of challenges unique to the community college environment. Open membership. Contact group owner Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks (SL)/Denise Cote (RL) for more information.

Other In World Groups — Visit this page for more details on other in-world groups. These may be based on geography (national or regional) or subject-interests.


2 thoughts on “SecondLife”

  1. Brian Schum said:


    I saw your post on my blog about Second Life and decided to check it out some more. It definitely looks interesting and I could see how it would be a great tool even though its still a bit nebulous to me at this point. I’m afraid since I don’t have enough time in my first life, its going to take me a while to figure it out.

    • Aw, shucks, that whole “only 24 hours in a day” thing seems to keep comin’ up.
      I understand – I will let you know when I see a particularly exciting event. MAYBE you can come if it is a defined amount of time at a convenient time of day.

      Thanks for the communication.

      Andrea Hildreth

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