ID Tools

Making teaching more effective and efficient

Where educators meet and share

  • Skype an Author

Screen Cast

Mind Maps

  • CMap
  • FreeMind
  • Mindmiester
  • Spinscape
  • Webspiration
  • XMind

Portfolio Tools

Live Binders – – makes it easy to organize and present your resources quickly and simply.


Pulse for iPad- – provides a visually appealing newsreader that renders stories from multiple sources on a dynamic mosaic interface.

Access Resources

Gale Apps – – access library resources using GPS to find public libraries within a 10-mile radius of the user’s location, or access your school library’s Gale online resources

Global Game


This is so cool!  (It is for kids ages 8 – 11 years, so it’s not directly applicable to my area of focus.  But, it is so cool!)

Name: Landmark Games 2010

How it works: Teacher signs up their class to participate in a 21 questions-type game to find a global location defined by another class.

What: Learning geography.  Collaboration across the globe.  Teamwork within the class.  Inquiry-driven learning

Tag Galaxy

Discussion / Conference / Training

  • Tool Name:  Adobe Outlook (?)
  • Tool Name: BlackboardCollaborate (formerly Elluminate)

How it works: Sign-up is required and there may be a cost involved

What: real-time chat (text or voice) with a presentation space


Create an avatar to speak your words

  • Tool Name: Voki

How it works: Create an avatar, provide voki with your cell phone number, when it calls you, record the message.  Notes:  The avatar moves it’s lips, blinks, etc – it’s fun to see your words brought to life you want the avatar to say


Make a Poster

Simply put, Glog is a kind of poster – fully designed by yourself! Glog is a fancy creation from text, images, music and video. No matter if it is colorful, sexy or emo. Your Glog will stand out. It gives you a perfect tool to express yourself.

Add audio to your text

  • Tool Name: odiogo


Notes:  Great for folks who don’t want to read through a block of text.  Would be a good proof-reading tool because odiogo says what you typed, not what you think you typed (ha ha)

Learn about Problem-Based Learning

  • Resource Name: Buck Institute for Education


  • Resource Name: Center for Innovative Learning Technologies


Create a Sound File (for podcast, etc)

  • Tool: Audacity


Create Presentations using the Cloud

  • Tool: SlideRocket


Online presentations are slide sets that are completely Web-based, freeing users from the burdens and constraints of desktop presentation software. They are built and managed via the Web from end-to-end.  From slide design, content compilation, and review and approvals, through publishing, delivery, and performance measurement, from any Internet-enabled PC or handheld device.

  • Tool: Slideshare


  • Tool Name: Prezi


It is a single drawing board with all of the discussion-points represented in words, picture, video, link, etc.  The audience is taken around the drawing board to view each point.

Example:Teaching Economics, BETTER

  • Tool Name: Tiki-Toki

A tool for creating interactive timelines

Note: you can embed a Tiki-Toki into your Prezi to allow movement within the graphic

Infographics and data visualization, you can choose to embed or re-use pre-made graphics in your own presentations

Meeting place for science talk

A place for science professionals and science amateurs to share ideas.


Course Management Systems (CMS) or Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Tool:  WiZiQ
  • Tool: Moodle
  • Tool: EDU 2.0
  • Tool: Collaborize

Course Design

  • Tool:  Adobe Captivate
  • Tool: Camtasia

Desktop Design

  • Tool: Symbaloo

A “desktop” that is easily arranged with tiles of the user’s chosen web addresses.  FREE


And, More

Thank you to Melissa Koenig from “Instructional Design and Development” for this list of Storytelling tools students can use to integrate technology in their learning – BEYOND powerpoint:
  • Imageloop – Upload images or PowerPoint slides, and choose from interesting templates (see this example). Presentations can be embedded on other pages or shared via a link.
  • PhotoPeach – Upload images and overlay them with music (library provided), add captions and effects, and share.

A List for future exploration


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