Professional Development

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Questions to Ponder:

What is High Tech High Schools Graduate School of Education?

Julian Sanchez (from CATO institute, talks about media and media mash-up ownership) what does he have to do with education?

Money to Teach Science

So, on TheJournal I saw that Chabot Science Center is getting a portion of 12.1 million dollars from NASA to K-12 STEM projects with the goal of getting students involved in science.

Climate Change High School Teacher Institute. Led by the Chabot Space and Science Center Foundation, CCHSTI is a professional development program that will cover biology, physics, chemistry, geology and environmental and physical sciences, with a particular emphasis on climate change.

So, I visited their site to see if I could get funded to participate in the project – I want to engage in distance-teaching/learning (of course) but found nothing on their site to indicate that the share that desire.

I was very interested in TechBridge which is a program aimed specifically at encouraging girls in the study of science. –  But, again – no discussion of a distance component.

Perhaps I will contact them and propose a “Science Social Networking” project ??


P2P (Peer to Peer)

Educause “7 Things” article that sums up what P2P is and why it is a good idea



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