Favorite Videos

Here it is!  A list of my favorite Instructional Design videos.

My hope is that you are glad you invested some time in looking through the list and, hey, you may be inspired to follow a link or two and return to view updates.




Leadbeater, Charles


Video entitled ‘We Think’ explores the potential of the latest developments of the internet


Pink, Daniel


“Whole New Mind” and, now, “Drive” author Daniel Pink shares two questions that can change the life of you and students in this video.


The Networked Student (Connectivism – explained)


Alan November:  “Myths and Opportunities: Technology in the Classroom”


I like it because it is a great production (sound quality, design of video) and has a strong message.

Did you find it valuable?  I’d like to hear your opinion, please comment below


Michael Wesch, Kansas State University, Anthropology Professor

“A Vision of Students Today”



Bob Sprankle:  “i had a dream”


I love this well-crafted, powerful video!  Mostly because I have been following his work through the blog Seedlings, but also because he has such passion for the topic of improving how we teach.  He has inspired me to be one of the change-makers – Thank you Bob!


What Does it Mean to be Literate in the 21st Century?

YouTube Description: An important and relevant issue that invites dialogue from all practising educators who work with youth. The world is changing and schools are required to make those changes necessary to help youth become fully competent, critical, and thoughtful citizens in the world they live in


Not “wow” but a good presentation of conversations educators are having.


Lauren Scharff discusses the Scaffolding approach to teaching.
Warning: this is on my Favorite Videos list because it is a perfect example of bad communication.

TexasTides – May 05, 2008 – Scaffolding


I think it is awful because:

– she is standing in front of the powerpoint presentation

– powerpoint is text heavy

– are they supposed to be reading, or listening?

– filmed from the side of the room so we hear all of the classroom noise



John Abbott on Constructivism


This 2.22 minute video on constructivism is not exciting, but it is helpful in my effort to learn more about Learning Theories.




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