When I named this blog Sharing the Learning Journey, I had no idea that it would be a mental and physical journey.

When I was 20 something, I made a choice to be non-mobile. I decided that physical journeys are what you do before you have children and again when your children are fully-launched into the world. It is a rule chose to live by and I loved it. I loved raising my daughters in one location. It gave them a deep connection with a place. A physical home-ground.

Someone once told me that physical places are the yardsticks by which children gauge their maturity. When you hear: “Yay, now I’m old enough for the big-kids playground!” you know they have a deep connections with a place.

Being stationary meant that all of my energy went into mental and emotional journeying.  And, it’s been fabulous. I raised two wonderful daughters. Fell in love and married. Chose a new career. Earned a Master’s degree and obtained an exciting position with an exciting company.  Phew! A dream-life.

My recent choice to move from San Francisco Bay to Tampa Bay seems to indicate that I’ve begun to journey physically. I again invite you to share the journey. I strongly advise comfortable footwear. One more thing, you will enjoy the journey more if you don the emotional equivalent to comfortable footwear. Perhaps the journey will begin with a personal search for definition of comfortable emotional-footwear.