Where the heck have I been?  How could I stay away from my lovely blog for so so long?

Finishing my MS in Instructional Design and Technology at Walden University is probably a good excuse for my absence – but it is still an excuse and I wish I did not have to give an excuse and ask for forgiveness.

Yes – Finishing my MS – hurray!  Last bit of work is a Reflection piece due tomorrow at midnight MST (of course I have to wait until the last few hours to submit it, gosh the professor must really hate that, oops).

As I write my Reflections I have come across many many areas I want to explore further so here’s a list (oh goodie! said in my sarcastic voice)

Worthy of Further Exploration

  • If you Tweet It, They Will Come:Using Twitter to form a professional network
    4T VirtualCon:  Teachers Teaching Teachers about Technology:  Workshop
    Presenter:  Emily Thompson, Student – University of Michigan School of Information (2011)
    Co Presenter:  Adrienne Matteson, Student – University of Michigan School of Information (2011).
    Tech Plan Strand(s):  Teaching: Prepare and Connect & Infrastructure: Access and Enable
    Session Description:
    Just don’t “get” Twitter? Perhaps you just need some tips on using it more effectively. Dean Groom describes Twitter as an “IV drip of professional development.” We’ll show you how to get the most out of our favorite social networking tool. We’ll cover how to find people to follow; apps that make Twitter better; and answer your questions about what to do after you have the account everyone bugged you to get.
  • Clark N. Quinn has led the design of award-winning online learning solutions.

Yikes – need fuel, back after a peanut butter sandwich (promise it won’t be a month-long absence)