Hypothetically, I am giving you an assignment for which you will receive a hypothetical grade.  Ready?  The grade you receive will depend on how well you address the questions posed below this video.

That’s it – you may now, hypothetically, begin . . .

So, watch the video and read the questions; then, use the link provided to view the grading rubric.  Post your hypothetical response to our course Discussion Board.

These are the questions on which you are to base your Discussion Board post.

  1. Using what you have learned in this course about video production, critique this video in terms of style and content.
  2. Imagine that you are hired to adapt the video to be attractive to a high school audience.  What changes will you suggest?

In your Discussion Post remember to cite learning resources used.

Return to the discussion on Friday to comment on the Discussion Posts of your peers.  Again, refer to the grading rubric when creating your comments.  Pay special attention to developing comments that will encourage continued and deeper discussion.

Link to Discussion Grading Rubric