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How the 21st Century Student compares with the 20th Century Student

The 21st Century Student is an active learner.  Along the learning journey the teacher is in the passenger seat with the learner in the drivers seat.

The 21st Century Student is a Networked Student

This is the process they use to gain knowledge.

  1. Establish research questions
  2. Define keywords to use when searching
  3. Search using Google Scholar to find peer-reviewed articles
  4. Add search findings to delicious
  5. Use delicious to view findings by others
  6. Search for blogs on the topic
  7. Share ideas on the blogs, if topical and valuable
  8. Use a reader (RSS) to keep track of the blogs
  9. Create a blog to record insights and share with others
  10. Subscribe to relevant pod casts which support your learning (iTunesU is a good resource)
  11. Consider connecting with experts in the field for direct sharing of ideas
  12. Produce a single learning object to document your learning journey

The 21st Century Teacher is a Scaffold builder

The teacher guides the learning by structuring the journey.  They assist the student in setting goals, defining keystones along the path, and staying on track.  Along the way they help the student to determine the validity of information, organize their findings, produce a single project which demonstrates the result of their learning journey.