I stumbled upon Decameron Web a site created by Brown University, what follows is their explanation of what Decameron is and why they started the project.

About the literary work:

“Few great books like the Decameron [by Boccaccio] have shaped our very notion of storytelling and its crucial role in the negotiation and production of shared social and cultural values. In its hundred stories, shared in ten days by ten young people escaping the Plague in mid-14th-century Florence, it combines sheer entertainment with a meaningful humanistic message.”

Excerpts from their description of the project (selected based on their relation to my project):

  • The guiding question of our project is how contemporary informational technology can facilitate, enhance and innovate the complex cognitive and learning activities
  • We fundamentally believe that the new electronic environment and its tools enable us to revive the humanistic spirit of communal and collaboratively “playful” learning
  • Through a creative use of technology, our project provides the reader with an easily accessible and flexible yet well-structured wealth of information
  • our project is meant to facilitate the creative expression of a multiplicity of perspectives
  • our project is also an example of how new technologies can provide an innovative pedagogical medium for a fulfilling educational experience based on a [single economic index] that is open to a variety of cultural interests and levels of learning.
  • Intended primary beneficiaries of the project are college and high school teachers and students, but independent readers and scholars interested in the Decameron itself or aspects of it that are related to their specific areas of interest will benefit from it, regardless of their geographic location or institutional affiliation. Our group and classroom at Brown University will serve as the gateway to a virtual community of readers and students of the Decameron who are engaged in a variety of didactic and scholarly pursuits and as a forum for discussions of their methodologies and critical perspectives.
  • Most importantly, we conceive of this corpus and its basic structure as a point of departure for a wide range of collaborative activities which will enhance the project’s future growth according to the interests and contributions of the virtual community of students, teachers, scholars

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