Interesting post on Education Innovation (educationinnovation. April 2010) “STEM is Not Enough: Moving from STEM to STEAMD”

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

STEAMD = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, Design

Yes, Design (the D in my IDT Master’s Degree Program, Instructional Design and Technology)

Education Innovation gives this reason for the inclusion of Design:

“Design and Design Thinking takes STEM and directs it into meeting human needs and centers it on people. It gives STEM meaning and purpose. Design Thinking takes STEM and uses it to solve problems, especially Wicked Problems. The wicked problem was a term coined in the 1960’s by mathematician and planner RittelHorst Rittel. He described them as messy, confounding, and aggressive. In 1968, C. West Churchman detailed the issue of wicked problems in an issue of Management Science

Churchman describes wicked problems as, ” a class of social system problems which are ill-formulated, where the information is confusing, where there are many clients and decision makers with conflicting values, and where the ramifications in the whole system are thoroughly confusing.”

Our students are going to be asked to solve wicked problems. Wicked problems will need to have designed solutions. Our students need the skills of design and design thinking to focus STEM on meeting human needs and understanding the scope of human problems.

The power of combining Arts and Design with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math makes for a more complete and well-rounded focus for our students. Most importantly, it provides context, meaning, application, and wisdom through which STEM can be applied.”  educationinnovation. April 2010