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PBL is Problem Based Learning because:

Among the principles of Andragogy outlined by Malcolm Knowles is :”Adult learning is problem-centered rather than content-oriented” (Conlan, 2003)


PBL is Problem Based Learning because:

Wikipedia says

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a student-centered instructional strategy in which students collaboratively solve problems and reflect on their experiences. It was pioneered and used extensively at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The Materials department at Queen Mary, University of London was the first Materials department in the UK to introduce PBL.[1] Characteristics of PBL are:

  • Learning is driven by challenging, open-ended problems.
  • Students work in small collaborative groups.
  • Teachers take on the role as “facilitators” of learning.

Accordingly, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their group and organize and direct the learning process with support from a tutor or instructor. Advocates of PBL claim it can be used to enhance content knowledge and foster the development of communication, problem-solving, and self-directed learning skill.



PBL is Project Based Learning because:

magazine cover Edutopia: What Works in Public Education

Project learning is a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges. With this type of active and engaged learning, students are inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re studying.