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Now, for something completely different . . .

This blog is the creation of jokay and it is about the island jokaydia – both of which exist only in the world of SecondLife (SL).  I am a member of SecondLife and exist there using the name Andie Bressig.  In World (as we in SL refer to things that happen in SecondLife) I am a member of ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and have attended several of their webinars.

Back to discussion of jokay:

Content: Information about events happening on jokaydia (for example:  on Oct 30th there was a panel called “Mobilize This” an annual event with the focus this year on “showing examples where mobile related learning concepts interface with popular learning design”.)

Usefulness: a quick way to see what topics are being addressed by SL education communities. I like her blog and island because she has a large following, most of whom seem to be from Australia, and covers a wide variety of topics.

Fits into my future: I plan to use SL as much as possible in my career in ID so it is very important that I spending time “in world” and learning about SL groups and trendsetters.