IDEAS: Instructional Design for Elearning Approaches

Content: Reflections and insights on elearning strategies and instructional technology design by Ferdinand Krauss.

Usefulness: he displays the information in a clear, understandable manner, his frequent references to other works (and their links), the fact that included educause as a link in his sidebar shows that he appreciates a national perspective (not interested in quirky or cute things)

his post titled: Elearning Planning and Management contains this quote: “As part of the graduate course I am taking on Planning and Management in Distance Education and Training I am reading Marc Rosenberg’s book on Elearning Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age.”  Then he goes on to talk about the book saying:

  • “So far the book is a good read, but I do take issue with some of the items Rosenberg lists in his ‘Benefits of Elearning’. Keep in mind that he is coming from a corporate training perspective.
  • ‘Despite outward appearances elearning is often the most cost-effective way to deliver instruction (training) or information.’ [this is the blogger Krauss quoting the author Rosenberg]
  • From a University perspective this is not necessarily the case. [this is Krauss “taking issue” with Rosenberg.

Fits into my future: it will help me sift through the massive amount of information being generated in ID and tech in educ arenas